What Is Fuel Polishing?

If you work in the fuel industry, or any other industrial sector that requires bulk fuel storage for largescale use, then you’d likely benefit from fuel polishing services! Fuel polishing is a vital service for all companies and sector that must store fuel in large quantities or for lengthy periods of time. Fuel polishing helps to ensure your fuel is kept in impeccable condition and free of contaminants, making sure you don’t lose your valuable fuel.

What Is Fuel Polishing?

Fuel polishing, as the name may suggest, is the process of cleaning, or ‘polishing’, stored fuel. Fuel polishing refers to the technical cleaning process used to remove or filter out contaminations from oil and hydrocarbon fuel in storage. Contaminants can include anything from microbes to physical dirt, sand, moisture, or any other sediment. It is essentially the removal of water, sediments, and microbial contamination from tanks of fuels such as diesel, red diesel and biodiesel.

How Is Fuel Polished?

Fuel polishing is carried out through a cyclical pump system that pulls water, along with any dirt and contaminants, up from the bottom of the tank. The water and contaminants sit underneath the fuel, as fuel is less dense and will float above water. The water and dirt is pumped through a filtration system to leave only any fuel remaining, which is pumped back into the top of the tank to float on top. This cycle can be repeated until only fuel remains in the tank.

Why Is Fuel Polishing Vital?

Fuel polishing is an important service for any business storing fuel, as it prevents your fuel from going bad, and so helps to prevent your generator and power supply’s risk of failure when you need it most. Fuel polishing achieves this by capturing water, microbes, rust, and sludge in the filter system. All of these contaminants can ruin your fuel, leaving you with a tank full of unsellable product! Contaminated fuel can also cause damage to your engines, increase erosion and wear, and produce less efficient power generation. If you work in the fuel industry, don’t risk ruining your reputation with contaminated fuel! Get in touch to discuss our fuel polishing services today.