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fuel uplift

Fuel Uplift

We are licensed, and have all of the necessary skills, equipment and knowledge to uplift fuel from a tank in order to transfer the fuel, either to other tanks on site, an alternate location or for total removal.

We are specialists in the uplift of Red Diesel, White Diesel and Kerosene, but can also remove lubricants if required.

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fuel polishing

Fuel Polishing

Fuel polishing has come a long way over the years, and with a lot of fuels containing small percentages of Bio Diesel ( with live Bacteria ), polishing fuel need to be an almost an annual event.

The expert team here at Network Environmental are fully trained, equipped, and licensed to tackle all fuel polishing projects.

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Sampling & Testing

You should always test your fuel periodically. This is the simplest and most cost effective way to monitor what condition your fuel is in. 

Gain complete peace of mind that your business operations are protected with a Free Fuel Test.

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tank cleaning and inspection

Tank Cleaning & Inspection

Keeping the tank clean protects it from contamination and degradation. We recommend a tank clean to ensure compliance and avoid pollution incidents and emergency spill costs.

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waste oil collection

Waste Oil Collection & Disposal

If you find that you have fuel, lubricants that are dated or unused/unwanted, then we have a specialist team that can remove this fuel / Lubricants. This service is available nationwide to all sectors.

The service is available for removing waste fuel / Oil Barrels, along with Bulk Waste Tanks. We can uplift your fuel for removal and disposal.

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