At Network Environmental, our expert team are fully licensed and equipped with all of the necessary equipment and knowledge to uplift fuel from any tank.

Are you looking to uplift and transfer or remove unwanted fuels? This process must be carried out with utmost care to prevent any legal liability arising from spilled fuel or inadvertent pollution.

Don’t worry, Network Environmental are here to help!

What is Fuel Uplifting?

Fuel uplifting is the process of removing unwanted or excess fuel oils from a tank or storage vat. Fuel uplifting can be used to move the fuel to a new home, or to remove it entirely. Fuel uplift can include:

  • Removing fuel from a tank and placing it in a new tank on site
  • Removing fuel from a tank and transporting it to a new site
  • Removing the fuel completely from the site

There are many reasons that oils or excess fuel may need to be removed and transferred or disposed of. These can include:

  • The fuel is no longer needed
  • The fuel is contaminated with bacteria, water, or dirt
  • The fuel is being store incorrectly
  • The tank is damaged and requires repairs
  • The company is changing sites

It is a legal requirement on all companies that transport and store large quantities of fuels or oils to ensure that all waste fuels are disposed of safely and in an environmentally friendly manner.

How Does a Fuel Uplift Work?

  • To begin the process Network Environmental will conduct a full on-site survey and technical evaluation. This will allow us to assess the condition and its potential value, and help determine the best method of removal.
  • Once the ideal removal method has been identified, we’ll draw up a step-by-step plan and complete all necessary risk assessments for conducting the removal in a safe and eco-friendly way.
  • Next, we’ll complete your fuel uplift, according to our plan and with minimised risks of spillage or injury. Once we’ve removed the fuel, we can transfer it wherever is required, arrange a removal, or even set up a purchase.
  • Finally, we’ll conduct a deep clean on the original tank to get rid of any contaminants, water, or residue within, leaving your tank fully ready to be used once more! If your tank is damaged beyond repair, we can decommission it for it.

Network Environmental are experts in the uplifting and removal of red diesel, white diesel, kerosene, and greases and lubricants! If you’re looking to uplift your fuel for removal, fuel polishing, or tank cleaning, get in touch today!

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