What Does Network Environmental Offer?

Fuel Supply

Network Environmental partners with Compass Fuels to supply and deliver popular fuel oils like kerosene, premium kerosene, red diesel, and home heating oil. With next-day delivery across most of the UK, our fuel supply services cannot be beaten!

Fuel Uplifting

Network Environmental are fully licensed specialists in uplifting kerosene, red diesel, and other fuel oils. Whether you’re uplifting your fuel due to contamination, a change in your fuel storage methods, or simply to clean out your tanks, Network Environmental are able to complete the entire process of uplifting the fuel from your tank and transferring it to another tank on-site, transporting it to another site, or removing it completely. We can also uplift greases and lubricants!

Fuel Polishing

Fuel polishing – the process of cleaning fuel and filtering out contaminants – is absolutely vital to maintain the quality of your fuel. With so many fuels containing small amounts of bio diesel with live bacteria, polishing your fuel every 12 months is essential.

Fuel polishing is conducted by pumping the fuel through an advanced filtration system that allows the fuel to flow back into the tank while removing any water collected in your tank and filtering out dirt, sediment, and bacteria. Fuel polishing prevents the need for replacing contaminated fuels and helps keep your fuels running at top efficiency, so your costs are not being inflated by ineffective fuel!

Tank Inspection and Cleaning

Uplifting your fuel from your fuel tanks and conducting fuel polishing ever 12 months is only half the battle! You also need to ensure that your tanks themselves are kept clean, fresh, and free from contaminants that could potentially harm the quality of your fuel. Tank inspection and tank cleaning are vital services that we offer alongside our fuel upload and polishing services, to offer a holistic cleaning service for your fuel fleet.

Waste Oil Collection and Disposal

If fuel polishing cannot save your contaminated fuel, or if you have surplus fuels or lubricants that are taking up space on your site, Network Environmental offers a full collection and disposal service for all waste oils and lubricants. This service is available nationwide to all sectors, and can be used for removing barrels of waste fuel, or whole tanks.