How To Uplift Your Fuel Safely

Are you looking to remove and uplift unwanted fuels? This is a procedure that must be conducted with care and attention because if any fuel is spilled and the oil enters a water source or hits the ground, your legal obligations are being broken, and you could be liable for a fine.

At Network Environmental, we are here to help!

What is Fuel Uplift?

  • Moving fuel from tank-to-tank
  • Moving fuel from site-to-site
  • Removing the fuel completely from the site

It is your legal duty to make sure that any waste fuel or oil is disposed of safely, without spillage, and in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

How Does a Legal and Safe Fuel Uplift Work?

  1. To start, Network Environmental will conduct a survey of your site and a technical evaluation of the fuel to assess the condition and its potential value, which will give us a clear idea of the most beneficial recovery technique.
  2. Next, we develop a step-by-step plan and complete all necessary risk assessments for removing the fuel in a safe and environmentally friendly way.
  3. Then we’ll complete your fuel uplift, removing the primary material and, if needed, releasing it to the market and arranging payment.
  4. Finally, it’s the deep clean! We get rid of any residue within the tank and de-gas if necessary. We will either decommission it to permit future usage or eliminate it from the site worked on.

The majority of fuels and oils are susceptible to fuel contamination and will not produce energy efficiently with contaminants in, this can be prevented by looking after your fuels with caution.

It is recommended to fuel polish at least once every three years to avoid more expensive problems that may occur if the fuel isn’t taken care of.

We are a fast and reliable service that carefully removes unwanted fuels and oils no matter the condition they are in. Our team collects, treats, and recovers oils such as engine oil, diesel, heat transfer oil, aviation fuel, and many more! Our services are located across Wales, Scotland, Greater London, South West, and the Midlands.

If you’re looking for a professional service to help your company with its fuel polishing, fuel uplifting, or any fuel supply services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the expert team at Network Environmental today!