Home Heating Hacks For Winter 2022

Due to the unfortunate rise in the cost of living, everybody is trying to cut back costs and slash bills this winter! The energy price rise has resulted in a lot of homeowners searching for life hacks to cut bills shorter even if it’s by a few pounds. Here at Network Environmental, we have created a brief list of life hacks to help you save money and energy this winter.

Insulate your windows with bubble wrap

If you can feel cold draughts and breezes through the windows in your home, we have found an easy DIY method to make your own insulation. Bubble wrap is a great DIY insulator because the layer of sealed air will form a barrier and protect the warmth in your home from being contaminated with cold air.

Help distribute the heat by placing a shelf above your radiators

This is a hack that comes with having to purchase something, but it may be a beneficial buy. You can find simple shelving units for just a few pounds from budget stores such as IKEA, Home Bargains, and B&M. At home stores like B&Q and Homebase you’ll be able to find shelves of every shape and size, so you can choose the perfect one for your space.

Installing a shelf above your radiators will push the warm air out into the room, rather than rising straight up to the ceiling. But don’t fit the shelf too low! You don’t want the heat from the radiator damaging your shelves or anything you decide to display on them. During this cold winter, we highly suggest that you get in touch with a professional and have your boiler checked and serviced, and bleeding your radiators to allow the water to warm up and circulate smoothly and quicker.

Bake Something

This final home heating hack is a win-win situation. Bake some tasty treats in the oven and when you’re finished using the oven, turn it off and leave the door slightly open. This will allow the hot air from the oven to disperse into the atmosphere and heat up the room.

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