A Quick Overview Of Our Services

Here at Network Environmental, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality services with impeccable customer service! Between ourselves and our sister company, Compass Fuels, we offer a huge range of fuel products and services. Here’s a brief summary of the services we can provide:

Network Environmental

Fuel Contamination

Our expert team can help you identify and rectify fuel contamination in a variety of fuels and storage containers! If you’re looking for help identifying signs of fuel contamination, check our expert blog for tips and advice. If you have some contaminated fuel to deal with, we can help:

Fuel Uplifting

The first step to rectifying your contaminated fuel is to uplift it! Our fuel uplift services can uplift all excess, waste, or contaminated fuel oils from a tank or storage bowser for transfer or polishing.

Fuel Polishing

Our fuel polishing services can leave your contaminated fuel pure and clean once again! We can remove all manner of contaminants including water, physical dirt, rust, sludge, and microbial contaminants.

Tank Cleaning

Now you’ve got freshly polished fuel, but there’s no point putting it back in a contaminated tank! Our tank cleaning services will get your tank or storage container scrubbed, jet washed, and fully dried ready for final inspection.

Compass Fuels

Fuel Supply

Compass Fuels offers nationwide fuel supply with same or next-day delivery in a huge range of fuels and quantities. Compass fuels can supply quantities from 200 litre barrels and 1000 litre intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) to 36,500 litre articulated tankers. Fuels supplied include:

  1. Red Diesel
  2. Kerosene Heating Oil
  3. C1 Paraffin
  4. AdBlue
  5. FurnaceFlame™
  6. Green Flame

Waste Fuel Removal

If you have waste oil or contaminated fuels to remove and dispose of, Compass Fuels can help. Compass Fuels’ waste fuel removal service will uplift your fuels from your tanks for removal, or can dispose of barrels of waste fuel oil.

Fuel Tank Hire

Compass Fuels’ fuel tank hire can provide fully bunded steel tanks of capacities from 1000 litres to 10,000 litres with a range of features and a choice of colours. Fuel tanks available for short or long-term hire, get in touch today for more information!